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Tamie Neu

Tamie Neu is the curriculum director for Raising Families. She is the mother of three kind and loving sons, a grandmother and the sister-in-law of Raising Families co-founder Elane V. Scott.  Bringing nearly 30 years of teaching experience, Tamie saw firsthand that parent leadership is the most vital force in a child’s life. She has the experience to know the key principles parents and grandparents need to become strong and loving leaders for their children to be successful.

Her extraordinary experiences in the Texas public school system allowed her to author one of our most popular free downloads Teacher’s Principles: 10 Tips to Prepare And Child at Home for Success in the Classroom. Tamie currently resides in Alpine, Texas.

Posts by Tamie Neu


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Eventually, I figured out that through their cries, my babies were talking to me. They weren’t just wailing for no reason. They were trying to communicate in the only way their bodies knew how.