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Join Raising Families (formerly Birth2Work) co-founders Elane Scott and Rick Stephens as they interview experts from across the spectrum of child development, family wisdom, and community leadership.

How Early Development Impacts Education and the Workforce

Physical therapist Judy Towne Jennings offers easy to understand answers on the importance of “tummy time” for infants on this episode of Birth2Work Radio.

Navigating a Mediated Existence

In this Birth2 Work Radio program, Professor Renee Hobbs discusses the necessity to understand the messaging in all our current tools of communication.

Focusing on Community for a Beautiful Future

focusing on community image
In this Birth2Work Radio program, we discuss the value of community and explore the topic of social efficacy with Professors Robert Sampson and Mario Small.

Including the Unlikely Stakeholder Leader

Pastor Donald Grey Barnhouse Jr. discusses his life and work, offering insights into how pastors can do more for parents and families.

Model Being the Adult You Want Your Child to Become

dad helping daughter with science experiment
In this episode, the second with Janet Doman, we talk opportunities parents have to do great things for their kids without buying more toys.

Preparing for Quality Lifelong Learning Begins at Birth

baby in bathtub lining up rubber duckies
Janet Doman, Director of the Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential talks preparing children, right from birth, for the future.