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Knowing where to begin can make all the difference.

Simple exercises to expand your thinking as a parent and family leader, figure out where you’re going as a family, and show you which road will take you there.

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Becoming a Confident Parent
and Family Leader

An easy-to-use workbook with exercises to:

  • Reflect on and define your purpose as a parent
  • Identify, list, and align your family values
  • Explore and define relevant long-term goals
  • Take action and perform regular self-assessments

This resource comes from a post on our Family Wisdom Blog.

Learn how to build a solid foundation for all your parenting decisions. 

There are so many decisions we’re asked to make as parents. Some are simple; some have life-long consequences. We want to be confident in our choices, but that’s not always as easy as it looks.

Forget comparisons to those around you. You are the best and most capable person to raise your child. You have the ability to make proactive and intentional choices for your family. This beginner’s guide will help you figure out how.

While there are many tools in the Birth2Work toolbox, they all depend on establishing a solid foundation for how you make decisions. What’s your purpose as a parent? What are your values and would your family agree? How do you apply those values to your decisions over time to reach your goals?

Start here to answer those questions and see how your family’s future beautifully unfolds.

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