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A new mindset creates new results

A beginner’s guide filled with our favorite resources to inspire your new family leadership parenting mindset. 

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Change Your Parenting Mindset

Links to our favorite books, articles, documentaries, and online groups to:

  • Learn what family leadership is all about
  • Establish your values
  • Get support from like-minded parents

This resource comes from a post on our Family Wisdom Blog.

Sure, you want to be a better parent. But what does that mean exactly?

What makes you a “better parent” is essentially an attitude change. A new vision of your long-term big-picture purpose as one human raising another is what makes you better than you were before.

We all need support and guidance to change old habits, and that’s exactly what this guide is for. Inside you’ll find books, blogs, articles, and videos that we’ve curated directly from Birth2Work as well as from other trusted colleagues.

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