Never feel lost  again.

Online courses and tools so you know without a doubt you’re doing a great job as a parent.

Ahhh, That Feeling of Knowing What You’re Doing

The key ingredient? Knowing your purpose and understanding all the ways that idea influences your choices as a parent.

We’re here to help you—through refining your family communication skills, awareness of how to teach valuable life skills, creation of your family team, and involvement with your community—become the grounded and focused parent you always wanted to be.

Result? You and your partner will have the knowledge, insight, and trust to handle nearly anything together. That feeling when you knew the answer to Final Jeopardy and all the contestants got it wrong? That incredible genius feeling could be yours every day.

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Imagine What Your Life as a Parent Could Be

  • Feel secure and supported that your partner has your back because you’re aligned in your values and goals for yourselves, each other, and your kids
  • Never feel lost with all the conflicting parenting advice out there because you have your purpose and internal compass to guide your decisions
  • Forget having to totally lose it just to get your partner to help around the house because you’re a team and they regularly are involved in every part of taking care of the family anyway, and so are your kids
  • Be filled with trust and confidence in your incredibly responsible children
  • Lose the sense of overwhelm that you cannot possibly take time for yourself because the family will fall apart without you
  • Ditch the panic of “are my kids behind?” by having a clear understanding of physical, cognitive, emotional, social, and responsibility/life skills milestones from birth to age 18
  • Know for certain you’re doing a great job because you know how to mentor proven skills and capabilities your children will need to be successful and “future-proof” in whatever field they choose
  • Drop the guilt of not having all the “stuff” other families do because you know that your engagement and attention are the most valuable things you can give your children
  • Feel like a parenting genius because you have insider knowledge about what to do and when to do it to raise amazing kids, enjoy a long and beautiful relationship with your partner, and celebrate your unshakeable faith in your family’s ability to succeed when everyone works together

Communicate better as a family. Raise kids prepared for life. Live happily as a team.

It’s not easy; nothing worthwhile ever is. It takes time, patience, lots of conversations, and a heartfelt commitment from every member of the family to come together and move forward as a team. But it is oh so worth it.

This isn’t therapy. We’re different than other programs focused on individual behavior problems. Our courses and support are all about being proactive and addressing the many interrelated parts and pieces of raising not just kids but an entire dynamic family.

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