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bonding challenge

OCtober family bonding Challenge calendar

Fill October with beautiful memories and a stronger family bond.

Sign up to get a copy of our free October calendar with carefully selected activities and holidays for your family to have fun, learn from, and grow together as a team. Appropriate for kids and teens of all ages.

Far more than just giving you more stuff to do, our ongoing family bonding challenge is all about strengthening your relationships AND teaching immensely useful life skills to your children at the same time.

What’s Included?

Family Holidays

Family-related national and international holidays with links to ways you can celebrate together.

family meetings

Weekly Activities

Easy weekly activities and/or discussion topics to support our four pillars of strengthening communication skills, teaching life skills, practicing teamwork, and connecting with the community.

Activities to Support Healthy


Activities to Help Build Your

Family Team

Activities for Teaching

Life Skills