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Communicate better as a family. Raise kids prepared for life. Live happily as a team.

Here’s the parenting and family program

  • that grows with you as your children grow;
  • that helps you not just solve immediate issues but be proactive and get prepared for the future;
  • that has tons to offer no matter what age your children are or how many you have;
  • that’s focused on helping you think beyond managing your child’s behavior and more toward leading them and your entire family team to a bright and thriving future;
  • that’s informed by a multigenerational team who each add wisdom and perspective from their real-life experiences as parents, grandparents, and leaders of industry, have experience with traditional and homeschooling practices, and share an overall focus that raising a family is about embracing the evolution of parents, kids, and the community all at once.

Your membership includes

  • a personalized welcome video;
  • weekly email lessons;
  • monthly subscriber-only webinars;
  • monthly PDF downloads, including guides, workbooks, checklists, and resource collections;
  • access to all previous lessons in our lesson and webinar archives;
  • 4 printable resource guides: 20 Common Areas Parents Disagree, Learning Styles, Teacher’s Principles, and How to Become a Confident Parent and Family Leader;
  • all free RF printables conveniently saved and updated in your membership profile, so you can skip the hassle of checking our online library;
  • 25% discount to the All Shop Access program to receive lifetime access to ALL current and future printables;
  • the Family Well-Being Assessment including a short quiz to learn how your family is doing according to our Family Well-Being Index, a free 15-minute Zoom call with RF co-founder Rick Stephens to discuss your answers (no sales pitches, we promise), and free access to one module from our masterclass Leading Your Child to Success;
  • surprise member-only bonuses.

This is not another tips-and-tricks parenting program.

There is definitely a time and place for those kinds of programs. But you’ll never thrive in your parenting journey if you never dig deeper than the latest “parenting hack.” We’re here to help you think about some big issues in easily digestible small chunks.

Each month we pick a topic and then break it down into weekly segments with actionable steps and supporting monthly downloads and webinars.

Some topics we’ve covered in the past:

Brain Development and The Readiness Profile

Engaging with Your Community

Working Together as a Family Team

Teaching Independence

The Role of Parents in a Child’s Education

Teaching Problem-Solving Skills

Family Traditions

Teaching and Modeling Gratitude

Systems Thinking for Parents

The Value of Family Values

Making Difficult Choices

Finding Your Purpose as a Parent

Have you seen our printables library? Nearly every single workbook, guide, checklist, and resource manual came from one of our monthly topics. Community Members receive these guides for free.

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