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Guardian Moms

by | May 9, 2019


It’s the month of May and the time to honor our mothers. Soon we will celebrate Mother’s Day. We should celebrate mothers every day of the year. Just think about the woman who gave you a shoulder to lean on and a tender hand to wipe away your tears. The one who treasured your hugs, laughed at all of your corny jokes, and loved you even when you weren’t acting so lovable. This kind of attention and affection gives a child a sense of belonging.

By feeling valued, children learn to value others. Children often learn this from their mothers but not always.

In my earliest memories I see my mother’s face with her smiles and laughter. Later on, it was my grandmother, G-mom. She was there to stay with my sisters and me after we walked home from school each day. My mom had to begin working again after my parents’ stormy divorce. I was the youngest of three sisters and had just turned six. It was G-mom that kept us all “level” over the next few years.

She and my grandfather were there to make sure the three of us stayed on a regular schedule. We often stayed at their home on the weekends until my mom returned to being her old self again. I know she appreciated the things her mother and father did for all of us. I think G-mom stood for “Guardian Mom.” She refused to let the things happening around us do us any harm.

I had friends from school who were often cared for by an adoring auntie or a compassionate neighbor. They made sure the kids had snacks, stories, and their homework finished before Mom or Dad came home from work. These women were guardians who stood in the gap to support single parents who had no support system.

Are you such a woman? Do you know others who are the caregivers and the helpers that are making a difference in the lives of children? Please don’t forget to celebrate them this Mother’s Day!

You can discover the way to create your own values-based support system in the Raising Families course Leading Your Child to Success.

Environment, Experience, and Engagement

If you are a Guardian Mom who is involved in the lives of children, remember that you can bring fun activities into a child’s environment to share a new experience and engage with them as you discuss that experience. The 3 Es are environment, experience, and engagement. This is the way children learn! 


Creating Pulled String Art

This is an easy and fun activity that would make a wonderful Mother’s Day card. Help kids to create a card with their original design on the front! Their mothers will be thrilled.


  • Liquid waterbased paint—different colors
  • Small cups—that won’t tip easily
  • String—cut into 18 in. pieces
  • Large book—that you don’t mind getting a few paint splatters on (maybe a catalog)
  • Printer paper


The team over at artfulparent.com  made a beautiful tutorial for this activity. Check it out!


25 Questions to Ask Mom

    • Perfect for a memorable Mother's Day, birthdays, or other celebrations with parents of adult children
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    • Most questions adaptable for in-laws or grandparents
Conversations With Mom Workbook

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Tamie Neu

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