Change the Parent-Child Power Dynamic

by | Feb 6, 2020

Week 6: Ideas to change the parent-child power dynamic

Ask your kids to teach you about something they’re interested in.

Toddlers may show you how to work on a favorite puzzle. Older kids might show you how to perform a dance move. Teens might tell you about a book plot, a topic from school, or how to use an app or other tech.

Listen with open ears and an open heart. Do not interrupt or try to control or judge the lesson. Switching the power dynamic between you and your child in this way is an important step in showing you respect their knowledge, opinions, and talents.


Asking your child to be your teacher is a powerful sign of trust and respect. It builds their confidence, strengthens your relationship, and opens the doors of communication.

The key to this resulting in a positive experience for the whole family is for you to KEEP YOUR OPINIONS ABOUT WHAT’S HAPPENING TO YOURSELF! 

Be the kind of attentive listener you always wanted them to be when you’re teaching them about any and all things.

Don’t correct them. Only offer help if they request it. Don’t judge the value of the time they spend on the topic. Thank them when the lesson is over.

Each time you sit down to let your child be the guide, you are planting the seed in his mind that you are a good listener and respect his knowledge. You’re expressing your desire for her to have confidence in her capabilities, practice her reasoning and communication skills, and know that her parents are open to learning about what makes her tick.

It’s all about empowering the team.

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