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Learn (and Use) New Words Together

Age: 0+

Time: 5 min

Materials: none


Focus: Family Team Building

A large vocabulary is directly related to large IQ! According to vocabularlyzone.com “The more you expand your vocabulary, the more information you can comprehend (including complex information).

You will also be better able to express your own thoughts and ideas. A good vocabulary opens up countless opportunities for personal and cognitive growth.”

Challenge each other to use a new word every day.  Use the Word-of-the-Day feature at Dictionary.com or a page-a-day day calendar featuring new words.

Isn’t language development a major reason why we read to our children?  If we read and encounter new words why don’t we bother to use them in our regular lives? Why do we resign ourselves to speaking in such a lackadaisical way?

Express yourselves in inventive ways and see if your conversations aren’t just a bit more interesting from now on. You’ll definitely have a good laugh and at minimum drastically improve your crossword skills.

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