Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Your Family Team

Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Age: 4+

Time: 30 min

Materials: Scavenger Hunt plan


Focus: Strengthen your family team

Scavenger hunts are great bonding exercises because they’re adaptable for all ages. You can easily download premade lists from Pinterest or use some of the scavenger hunt ideas like the ones in this article.

Try doing an easy neighborhood scavenger hunt by moonlight at the full moon and see how much more difficult (and fun) it becomes.

Maybe your older kids would be interested in trying Geocaching or an escape room. You can even hire a professional team to create scavenger hunt ideas for you.

Any of these options are sure to create wonderful memories which are the foundation of a strong family team.

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Somer is the Chief Content Officer at Raising Families living in Southern California with her husband and five-year-old son. She spent 10 years in the architecture field as a designer and medical planner and now applies her love of integrative thinking and big-picture planning to her family and career. Read full bio >>

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