Workforce Development Coordinator Gladly Takes Her Work Home

Our guest is Lucia Cape, currently the Senior Vice President of Economic Development at the Chamber of Commerce of Huntsville/Madison County, Alabama. Back in 2006, she was charged with establishing the Chamber’s then new Workforce Division in response to the workforce challenges brought on by the region’s amazing economic growth.

Prior to joining the Chamber staff, Lucia was a contractor to the Marshall Space Flight Center’s Academic Affairs Office from 2002-2006 where she worked in informal education, including business/industry partnerships. This is when Birth2Works cofounders, Rick and Elane, first met Lucia and began the working relationship which we continue today.

In this interview we talk about Lucia’s work and continued growth as a professional—from contractor to the role of Senior Vice President at the Chamber. We get to touch on some of the challenges she has faced, and then discuss the personal side of her work, such as how, as a working mom, she continues to apply what she learned from reading our book, The System: Igniting the Soul of Commerce, at home, and in other parts of her community life. Join us for an insider’s view of a workforce development professional, at home and at the office.

B2W Radio: Workforce Development Coordinator Gladly Takes Her Work Home

by Elane V. Scott & Rick Stephens | Lucia Cape