Values Are at the Root of Everything - life skills workbook for parents

PDF Workbook

Values Are at the Root of Everything


A workbook for parents to identify and align their values around spending money, time, and emotional energy.

    • Designed for parents to do together
    • 16 page PDF workbook
    • Includes 4 exercises to identify and agree on values and how they apply to choices in our daily lives including how we spend our money, our time, and our emotional resources

Important: This is a digital product. Nothing will be mailed.


Values Are at the Root of Everything

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Your values are your guide.

You may think you know what’s important to you but do your actions tell the same story? Whether we like it or not, our actions, not our aspirations, reveal our true values.

This digital workbook features four exercises to support parents to get on the same page, strengthening their communication and reinforce a critical life skill — understanding how our values deeply influence our everyday decisions.

This workbook is a great resource for parents to:

  • identify what you think your values are regarding your money, your time, and your emotions, and whether your actions are consistent with those ideas,
  • strengthen your relationship by discovering whether your partner/spouse shares those values,
  • be more intentional and feel more fulfilled in your parenting journey by making adjustments to your habits and future choices with newfound awareness.