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Teacher’s Principles

Teacher's Principles
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Filled with deeply relatable stories from a nearly 30-year veteran teacher, this special guidebook paints a detailed picture of 10 specific elements children need from parents at home in order to excel in their school environment year after year.

A great resource for:

  • Parents with children age 3+
  • Grandparents, extended family, and caregivers who want to support the children in their lives

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Teacher’s Principles

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50 page e-book including:

  • 10 tips for actions parents and caregivers can take at home that can have an enormous positive impact for students in school
  • Heartfelt stories from the real-life experience of a nearly 30-year veteran teacher in the Texas public school system
  • Tips on brain development
  • Ideas for managing media use
  • Fun family activities to increase family bonding

From the author

Tamie Neu

I have never met a parent who didn’t want his or her child to be successful, academically or otherwise. But different perspectives can make success difficult to achieve.

There were many hard conversations with parents throughout my teaching career. Some parents were grateful for the information and exchange between us. They accepted my help and guidance, and we parted with an understanding, plan, and agreement between us.

Others were far less interested in what I had to say and believed their roles as parents had very little to do with the success of their child in school. Sadly, nothing could have been further from the truth.

Based on my experience as a mother and compounded greatly as a teacher and daughter of a teacher, I have no doubt that parents and teachers must be in alignment to ensure that children are successful in their lives. But as teachers, we are only with the kids a little while every day.

Parents are there the vast majority of the time and, therefore, must be the leaders and strategists for the future of the family and the long-term success of the child.

The purpose of this booklet is to share the key principles that experience has taught me will help you in becoming a strong and loving leader for your children as you work with your children’s academic team to ensure their success at school. I hope the stories and examples given here are helpful. I look forward to your feedback.

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