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The Readiness Profile

The Readiness Profile
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A comprehensive guide to five fundamental areas of child development from birth to age 18. By knowing what the next stage will be, you’ll be better prepared to meet your child where they’re at instead of scrambling to figure it out once they’re already there.

Perfect for

    • parents and caregivers looking for an integrated guide to child development focused on the whole child, not just one area at a time,
    • those with young children who are tired of looking all over the internet to patch together a comprehensive picture of milestones and important characteristics of their child’s growth and maturity,
    • those with older children who can no longer find solid resources that will help them guide their child from tween to teen to adult.

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The Readiness Profile

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physical development

Cognitive development

Emotional development

Social development

Responsibility/life skills

This 14-page second edition includes key milestones from birth to age 18:

    • Physical Development – Body developments and movements associated with growth, movement, skills, and the five senses
    • Cognitive Development – Conscious mental activities like thinking, understanding, learning, memory, and concentration
    • Emotional Development – Showing or expressing a state of mind (joy, happiness, sorrow, frustration, fear, love, etc.) in a manner consistent with the situation
    • Social Development – Relating to or involving activities including speech, sharing, interacting with other people (including family, friends, acquaintances, classmates, and public officials), and demonstration of personal values
    • Responsibility/Life Skills – Relative to accountability and responsibility for economic self-sufficiency and taking care of personal and other people’s property

Finally, you can see the whole picture of your child’s growth and development all at once! Easily reference all your children at the same time in the same place.

No more wasting time hopping from website to website looking for the information you need. No more questioning if the resource you found is reliable.

Why you need this development guide

The Readiness Profile makes your search to understand the whole child as stress-free as possible. In one guide, you’ll see the whole map of your child’s development, not just the next step.

It’s never been easier to understand how being behind in one small area doesn’t mean your child is a slow learner. They may be exceptionally advanced in another part of their development. Timelines that only show one topic at a time make it difficult to see how the whole child is developing across all phases.

    • Save time looking for information and reliable resources.
    • Use the same guide for children of multiple ages.
    • Get support and understanding of how development happens in leaps across many different areas.
    • Look forward to what’s coming up soon for your young learners in a few weeks or in a few years.
    • Get detailed breakdowns of the rapid changes in your child’s first two years with critical age ranges shown in weeks.
    • Share the guide with grandparents and other adults, so all of your child’s caregivers can understand your child’s comprehensive milestones.

Based on research from leading experts

All children develop at different rates. No two children are alike in their capabilities, experiences, or development. The Readiness Profile provides a set of guidelines and milestones but is not medical advice. We are not medical doctors.

The Readiness Profile is a one-of-a-kind integration of research from multiple highly respected sources, including the American Academy of Pediatrics, the National Institutes of Health, the Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential, and others.

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