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Do, Decide, Delegate, Delete: Time Saving Tips for Parents

Time Saving Tips for Parents
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Make more time for family when you use these tools to separate your to-do list into manageable categories you can do now, decide on later, delegate to your family or support network, or delete entirely from your list. Reset your priorities and learn to reevaluate what’s really important in life.

    • Perfect for families with kids of all ages
    • Including a recorded webinar for additional explanation and support
    • Bonus additional resources list including helpful books, articles, and motivational quotes

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Do, Decide, Delegate, Delete

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With this guide and included video you’ll learn to

  • use this time-tested matrix to separate your to-do list into four important categories: urgent and important, urgent and not important, not urgent and important, not urgent and not important;
  • amplify your productivity and family’s capabilities by delegating appropriate tasks;
  • sustain your internal motivation by scheduling time to nurture your relationships;
  • reclaim your precious time—the one resource we all have the same amount of.


Most of us think we know how to prioritize properly but we usually get completely jumbled giving nearly everything on the list equal priority and thereby make no progress at all.

Use this guide to finally learn how to break it all down into manageable categories, let go of the things that don’t contribute to your long-term goals, and create time for the relationships that matter most in life.

As Stephen Covey once said, “The key is not to prioritize your schedule but to schedule your priorities.”

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