Elane V. Scott

Elane began imagining a parent support and education network when her first child was born at home and she asked herself “Wow!  What do I do now?” 

With experiences in marketing, media, education, community, and parenting, she created a powerful guide, something new parents could follow from the time a baby is born until ready to be on their own in the world.  It is her vision and genesis that became Raising Families. It is her unique combination of expertise that allows Raising Families to help parents become more joyful and confident as well as more proactive and intentional family leaders.

Elane currently resides in Alpine, Texas with husband and fellow Raising Families co-founder Rick Stephens. 

Posts by Elane V. Scott

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The Wisdom of Grandparents

Today, most of what passes as help for families on how to live a good life and shape the lives of those around them, is a cop out.
silhouette of mom and baby at beach

What I Learned Being a Stay-at-Home Mom

Some of the greatest experiences of my life took place in the years I spent raising my two daughters.

What Do Employers Want of Today’s Grads?

To add value to the workplace, job candidates must be able to move freely between many different worlds of knowledge, both familiar and not.

Boomers Have a Responsibility for the Future

    For decades, the retirement of the baby boom generation has been a looming economic threat. Now, it’s no longer looming—it’s here. Every month, more than a quarter-million Americans turn 65. That’s a trend with profound economic consequences. Simply put, retirees don’t contribute as much to the economy as workers do. They don’t produce anything, at least directly. They don’t spend as much on average. And they’re much more likely to depend on others—the government or their own children, most often—than to support themselves (What Baby Boomers’ Retirement Means For the U.S. Economy). Boomers, is that really