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Rick Stephens

Rick Stephens is a co-founder of Raising Families, a husband, father, and grandfather. With 33 years of experience as a top-level executive of The Boeing Company and having raised four children of his own, he is able to support parents and grandparents by incorporating his knowledge of business, leadership, and complex systems into the family setting. It is this unique combination of leadership and family life that allows Raising Families to help parents become more joyful and confident, as well as more proactive, intentional family leaders.

Rick currently resides in Alpine, Texas with wife and fellow Raising Families co-founder Elane V. Scott.

Posts by Rick Stephens

Time for Reflection

Confident Parents Make Time for Reflection And This

    Why is the ocean blue?  Why are the leaves green?  Why do you always buy red cars? Why does one come before two? Why do I have to sit here in between? Why did they name that planet Mars? (Did you catch that poem? You're welcome.)Reflect with a Child's CuriosityIf you have a child over the age of three, you're likely very familiar with questions like these that start with "why?" But did you know that if you adopt your child’s desire to find out why when you take time for reflection and make it a
parent-child relationship

3 Things Your Child Needs to Know for a Strong Parent-Child Relationship

    "TMI, Dad!" Have your kids ever said that to you? Too much information. How could I share too much information? Isn't it my job to tell them about the world? Shouldn't they know all about me and my experiences? Isn’t that how I create a strong parent-child relationship? Apparently not. Getting the TMI card thrown at you can be so shocking and insulting. The hard part is the line is different with every child. Having raised four adult children myself, I'm very familiar with the look of horror or the ever-present eye roll of embarrassment that
A Fun Way to Teach Kids the Difference between Wants and Needs

A Fun Way to Teach Kids the Difference between Wants and Needs

    If you’re a parent, you’re probably no stranger to hearing your child say, “I want.” There’s always a new toy, pair of shoes, outfit, or something that they want. But how many of these things do they need? Is there a difference? Does it even matter if there’s a difference between wants and needs? The answer to both of those questions is yes. It matters because if we don't explain the difference to them and just continue buying the next "want," they'll end up believing "I want, therefore I need." This mentality can lead to many
5 Simple Strategies to Help Kids Dealing with Change

5 Simple Strategies to Help Kids Dealing with Change

    We all face changes in life; that's the essence of being alive. But how we approach dealing with change when it occurs can make a huge difference in who we are after the change happens. For me, routines and a plan for each day provide me with a sense of order to help me feel in control when minor change occurs. But sometimes life-changing events happen where I need support, time to process, and lots of help. Life for our kids is not much different, except for the fact that they face more changes far more
2 Liberating Ways to Deal with Conflict

2 Liberating Ways to Deal with Conflict

Do you deal with conflict more than you’d like (especially with family) because of anger? Click here to learn how to turn that anger into an opportunity.