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Rick Stephens

Rick Stephens is a co-founder of Raising Families, a husband, father, and grandfather. With 33 years of experience as a top-level executive of The Boeing Company and having raised four children of his own, he is able to support parents and grandparents by incorporating his knowledge of business, leadership, and complex systems into the family setting. It is this unique combination of leadership and family life that allows Raising Families to help parents become more joyful and confident, as well as more proactive, intentional family leaders.

Rick currently resides in Alpine, Texas with wife and fellow Raising Families co-founder Elane V. Scott.

Posts by Rick Stephens

5 Simple Strategies to Help Kids Dealing with Change

5 Simple Strategies to Help Kids Dealing with Change

    We all face changes in life; that's the essence of being alive. But how we approach dealing with change when it occurs can make a huge difference in who we are after the change happens. For me, routines and a plan for each day provide me with a sense of order to help me feel in control when minor change occurs. But sometimes life-changing events happen where I need support, time to process, and lots of help. Life for our kids is not much different, except for the fact that they face more changes far more
2 Liberating Ways to Deal with Conflict

2 Liberating Ways to Deal with Conflict

Do you deal with conflict more than you’d like (especially with family) because of anger? Click here to learn how to turn that anger into an opportunity.

5 Windows of Opportunity: Make Childhood Extraordinary

What you do now, no matter the age of your kids, can have a huge impact on their future. Click here to find out how to make the most of it.
10 Questions to Ask Your Dad

10 Great Questions to Ask Your Dad on Father’s Day

    With Father's Day coming up, I, like so many others, have been thinking about my dad who's no longer with us and all the questions I'd like to ask my dad if I was still able to. Like most kids of my baby boomer generation, I really didn't "know" the man I called Dad. I knew much of his story about what he had done in life, and there was no doubt about the values he had. But I didn't comprehend how his life's experiences had shaped him. At nearly 95 years old, my mother is
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Work Together as a Family Team: 8 Secrets to Success

Click here to learn how to create your successful family team. When you work together as a family, you have more time to have fun!