Rick Stephens

Rick Stephens is a co-founder of Raising Families, a husband, father, and grandfather. With 33 years of experience as a top-level executive of The Boeing Company and having raised four children of his own, he is able to support parents and grandparents by incorporating his knowledge of business, leadership, and complex systems into the family setting. It is this unique combination of leadership and family life that allows Raising Families to help parents become more joyful and confident, as well as more proactive, intentional family leaders.

Rick currently resides in Alpine, Texas with wife and fellow Raising Families co-founder Elane V. Scott.

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5 Ways to Make Your Community Better

5 Ways to Make Your Community Better

    The holiday season is a time to not only spend with loved ones and friends and reconnect with those you might not have seen in a while but also think about the community you call home and the opportunities to make your community better. This time of year gives you a chance to enjoy your community with your kids and help them play a part in making it a better place to live, learn, and play.Make a Difference in Your CommunityCommunities are created and nourished by people just like you because the heart of a community
Encourage your child to read

4 Simple Ways to Encourage Children to Read More

    As parents, we can all likely agree that education is central to enabling the success of our children. Education is not just something that happens at school. It starts at home. When children are born, they're much like sponges. They want to learn and know everything. If we foster their curiosity, their thirst for knowledge will continue throughout their life. One way we can foster their curiosity is to encourage children to read. When they are old enough, we send them to school and spend countless hours (and often a lot of money) to make sure
Parenting in the digital age

3 Important Things to Do While Parenting in the Digital Age

    Screens, tablets, and smartphones are everywhere and an integral part of our lives. We are clearly parenting in the digital age. We use devices to communicate, take pictures, gather and share information, entertain ourselves and our children, watch the news, watch fun videos that others create, and create our own “stuff” to share. The availability of media and social media has had a profound impact on the way we, as parents, gather information and interact with others. We clearly live in the age of screens, media, and social media. As parents, an important question we should
Important Social Skills for Kids to Learn

7 Important Social Skills for Kids to Learn

    As the school year gets underway—your children are reengaging with friends and classmates or are just starting in their first year of school—we thought it might be helpful to highlight seven key social skills for kids and provide recommendations on how you can teach and/or strengthen those skills within your child. The Importance of Social Skills for KidsLearning social skills is an important element of a child’s development that can have an enormous impact on their well-being, their future, and the key relationships they develop as children, young adults, teens, and eventually adults out on their
Raise Confident, Independent Children With This Skill

Raise Confident, Independent Children With This Skill

To raise confident, independent children, we need to take a step back and let them struggle sometimes. Click here to learn how to make the process easier.