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What We’ll Learn

The eight-week course is divided into three parts containing a total of around  30 individual modules.

Each week you’ll gain access to a new bundle of between two and four modules to keep the momentum strong and the information manageable.


Ensuring Parent and Family Alignment

Part 1 sets the groundwork for all your parenting decisions. With detailed examples and exercises we focus on reflection of your own childhood and expectations of parenthood, how to establish your own family values, the obvious and subtle ways we pass them along to our children, and the large scale “whys” of our behavior and attitude.

From there we look at what success really means for ourselves and our children. (Hint: it has very little to do with the zeroes on your paycheck.) Then we break down the fundamental steps for the whole family to achieve the flexibility, capability, and commitment to achieving that long-term success.

View the complete Part 1 content - Weeks 1 through 6
  • Welcome
  • Managing vs. Leading
  • How Your Role Changes Over Time
  • The Importance of Family Values
  • Your Purpose and Goals
  • Family Practices and Policies
  • Family Meetings
  • Challenging Discussions
  • Committing to a Leadership Plan
  • The Growth Path from Birth to Work
  • Windows of Opportunity
  • Readiness Profile Examples
  • Multitasking
  • Impact of Media
  • Transferring Family Values and Culture
  • How We Learn
  • Learn by Doing
  • How Living Space Impacts Learning
  • Family Activities
  • Promoting Healthy Behaviors
  • Ensuring Financial Success
  • Healthy Bodies
  • Emotional and Spiritual Health


 Finding and Engaging the Right Support Team

Part 2 focuses on how to make the best decisions on everything from babysitters to healthcare providers so your children receive consistent care, information, and support.

We don’t raise our children in isolation. At various points we trust all kinds of other community members to coach, teach, nurture, and mentor our children. Making sure those trusted adults are working toward the same goals we are is immensely important.

View the complete Part 2 content - Week 7
  • Building Your Values-Based Support Team


Interacting and Engaging With the Community

Part 3 focuses on mentorship, relationships with schools, first jobs, and what grandparents offer to the strength and resiliency of our families and communities. 

To wrap up the tremendous arch of information, we end the course by reviewing all your exercises and making sure you and your partner/spouse have a realistic plan of action.  Your parenting plan is a step-by-step guide to making incremental changes to your everyday family interactions to give your children the best possible foundation for success on their own. 

View the complete Part 3 content - Weeks 7 through 8
  • Enabling the Future
  • The Role of Parents in Education
  • What You Want Your Kids to Learn at Their First Job
  • Your Role in Shaping Expectations
  • The Importance of Community
  • Mentorship
  • Becoming a Mountain Guide
  • Reviewing Your Plan

Because of this course, we have become more in tune with what our children are doing on a constant basis, school, friends, listening more to them, their concerns, and coming up with viable solutions together.

Lance J.

Father of 3

Easily Adaptable and Always Accessible

The LYCTS  course is presented in small manageable sections over eight weeks. You can watch in your pajamas in bed or in the lobby waiting for your child’s dance class to get out. It’s always available. The course includes video lessons, printable exercises, community discussions, continuing education through webinars with industry experts, and lifetime priority access to all future updates to the course materials.

You’ll feel like you’re right there at the table with us.

Get unlimited access to our library of videos. Most modules are under 10 minutes so you can fit them in wherever you are and whenever you have time. Watch the video below for a sample from the Impact of Media module.

These are no ordinary worksheets!

The student handbook you’ll develop throughout the course contains over 100 pages of extended materials and detailed exercises for both self-analysis and completing with the whole family. At the completion of the course, your handbook will contain your personalized plan for leading your family to success. As an ongoing bonus gift you’ll always receive the latest updates with every new edition of the course!

We know you’ve got questions.

Helping you work through questions and concerns is one of our greatest pleasures. It’s part of the reason we loved giving the LYCTS course live for so long!

We want to help you fulfill your hopes, wishes, and dreams when it comes to your family, no matter what stage of family life you’re in. As part of the Leading Your Child to Success family, you’ll be able to engage with us directly through scheduled webinars. You’ll also be able to learn and discuss with other families taking the course right along with you.



I knew coming in to this course there were ways I could be a better parent, a better family leader, and a better team player; but I didn’t know how. This course helped me learn new techniques. And doing it together got us all in line to go forward.

Lisa C.

Mother of a teenage son

See the Entire Map. Not Just the Next Step

Leading Your Child to Success was created specifically to meet the needs of busy parents who are passionate about gaining the insights and knowledge they need to successfully lead their families into the future.

Our goal is to help you see the big picture as it relates to raising your kids. Through this course you establish your purpose as a parent, align your family goals, and have a firm plan of how to  implement small actions now that build on themselves over time.

At every step along the way, you’ll receive the resources and guidance you need to make small changes now for extraordinary results in the future.

You’ll also become part of our expanding online community of parents, grandparents, and caregivers who are dedicated to raising capable, thoughtful, and engaged world citizens.